Ixora's Journey

10th September 2019

National Day Children’s Art Competition

Art can help children to illustrate their life inspire their creativity during their young age. Hence getting their first masterpiece to be shown with the world […]
29th August 2019

Your Favourite High Tea Place – The Straits Cafe and Lounge

Afternoon Tea is a long-standing British tradition that you can easily enjoy it at our hotels! While some of you might be frenzy advocates of this […]
6th August 2019

Your Special Needs – Ixora Hotel Penang

Searching for the best yet affordable Handicap Accessible Hotels? Ixora Hotel Penang might be one of your top search results in Mainland, Penang. We believe all […]
23rd July 2019

Your Perfect Wedding Day

So what did you do right after you proposed? Yes, it’s all romantic, you shed tears of joy, you celebrate and you post your perfect moment […]
5th July 2019

Easy Coin-Operated Laundry Service

Wondering where to wash and dry your clothes during your stays? Ixora Hotel Penang provides you with self service coin operated laundry machine to make your […]
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