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5th July 2019
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6th August 2019

Your Perfect Wedding Day

So what did you do right after you proposed? Yes, it’s all romantic, you shed tears of joy, you celebrate and you post your perfect moment on social media. But things will get a little bit complicated when it comes to planning for your wedding day.

From searching for a venue, inviting guests, selection of wedding packages, wedding day ceremony to post wedding-night. All you need is to invest some effort to plan with Ixora Hotel Penang where we have a team of professionals here at Prai, Penang, ready to help and create your ideal wedding day.


Estimation of a guest list to be invited is crucial before picking a venue. Just a rough figure will do so you can choose a suitable event room to accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite.

Ixora Hotel Penang caters 3 different themes, mainly the Wedding by the pool package, Chinese package, and Malay package. Each package has a different design of wedding layout and choice of food to choose from the menu. Hence, take your own sweet time to compare the packages that suit your needs.


Leave the Set Up for Us

A unique stage decor with a carefully designed personalize name will set as your photo booth of the night. With a giant 300-inch LED screen will let your audience to have the best eye view of your wedding night.


Wedding Day

On this day, enjoy your complimentary stay at the Bridal Suite and (2) VIP parking lots for the convenience of your wedding day. Get yourself well rest in the room while getting ready for make-up and dress up for your perfect wedding gown.


Wedding Night

When the times comes, take your blissful wedding march on the red carpet with colorful flower stands on side guiding you towards the stage. To be the highlight of your night, raise your champagne glass high up for a toasting ceremony and have your perfect cake cutting ceremony after the cheers. Be sure to reach out to every friend and sibling to show most appreciation to them that came to your wedding.

After Wedding

After a tiring night, you will get to rest with your soulmate in our Bridal Suite. (2 breakfast is included for your next day) A smooth and wonderful wedding indeed.


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