Ixora's Journey

15th October 2017
Seberang Jaya Hotel

Sparks With Ixora II

Ixora Hotel will not have the success that she has today without the backbone of her crew, workers and the customers of Ixora Hotel. We also […]
1st August 2017
Ixora Hotel

Magnetic Abstractions

  “In my art world, I have very minutely experienced every eternal truth of human life.” These are the words of Dr Rakesh Singh. Dr Rakesh […]
11th July 2017
Ixora Hotel

So Much To Do, So Much To See!

What is the one thing you would do after you checked into a hotel, unpacked your luggage and checked out the hotel? You take the time […]
29th May 2017
Wedding Ballroom events in Prai

The Ballroom of Dreams

  Ixora Hotel’s Ballroom has been an amazing feature in Prai. An intricately woven tale of a classy and grand design blending seamlessly with the advanced […]
5th May 2017

Ixora Hotel: Where Needs are Fulfilled

Ixora Hotel is a Penang hotel whose goal is to provide guests the best all-around service in Prai. Filled with various amenities to entertain and accommodate […]