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27th December 2019
Tuan Yuan Reunion Dinner Buffet Food Review @ The Straits Café and Lounge
21st January 2020

A throwback to our Christmas CSR

At Ixora Hotel Penang, we aim to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature or by engage in or support volunteering or ethically oriented practices. We are proud of the role we played so far by supporting the welfare of children and the elderly that aid in alleviating hunger, poverty and illness, especially among the elderly.

Happened on the 16th of December 2019, in conjunction of the Christmas is coming soon, we organized a special Buffet Lunch to the elderly from Rumah Sejahtera Permatang. We invited 20 elderly from the old folks’ home. Our main purpose is to spread the joy of this festive season by providing programmes and services to help the elderlies who have special needs. With the support from our hotel staff, we work together as a team to bring hope and cheer to the beneficiaries.

While enjoying the buffet lunch, the elderlies can enjoy the performances prepared by Live music by Nova Band and dance performance by Brainy Kids Kindergarten.

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