Price Match Guarantee

Shopping online for a lower rate at Ixora Hotel? We guarantee the best rates on the World Wide Web. If you find a lower published rate within 24 hours after your room booking made with us, we'll honour the lower rate and give you additional 10% room rate discount. Simply submit a Price Match Guarantee Claim online and the rest is taken care of.

Terms and conditions

Ixora Hotel guarantees that Ixora Hotel website will have the best room rate for any types of room at Ixora Hotel ("Price Match Guarantee"). This guarantee applies to reservations for guest rooms at Ixora Hotel. Ixora Hotel website means For a claim to be valid under this guarantee, it must satisfy all Terms and Conditions and be submitted in compliance with the Claims Processing procedures. If you find and advise Ixora Hotel of a lower, published, available room rate for the same hotel, for the same room type and bed type, same terms and conditions, same cancellation and policy, and for the same dates and number of guests (the "Competing Rate"), within 24 hours after making a confirmed reservation on Ixora Hotel Website, Ixora Hotel will honour the Competing Rate, along with giveaway additional 10% room rate discount as reward.

Additional Charges

The Price Match Guarantee does not apply to taxes, council fees, gratuities, or any additional resort or guest charges or fees that may apply at Ixora Hotel.

Available Room Types

The Price Match Guarantee applies to a competing room type that is substantially similar to a room type that can be booked on Ixora Hotel Website. Competing room types have features that include, but are not limited to, similar views, amenities, bedding, and room size as determined by Ixora Hotel in its sole discretion ("Competing Room"). If Ixora Hotel Website does not have a substantially similar room type to the Competing Room, Ixora Hotel in its sole discretion, may honour the rate for the Competing Room with applicable rate limitations, plus a Price Match Guarantee Reward, provided such meets all other Terms and Conditions.

Different Currencies

In the event that the Competing Rate is in a different currency from Ixora Hotel rate, Ixora Hotel will convert the Competing Rate into the same currency as the rate offered on Ixora Hotel Website. The currency exchange rate to be applied will be based on the exchange rate at the time of making the original reservation. After converting the Competing Rate, Ixora Hotel reserves the right to deny a claim where the Competing Rate appears lower than the Ixora Hotel rate if it deems that the difference between the rates is due to, but not limited to, different currency exchange rates used by the two rate providers.

Multiple Night Stay

In the event of a multiple night stay, the Price Match Guarantee will compare the total room cost of the stay as booked at the Ixora Hotel Rate with the total room cost of the stay booked at a Competing Rate. Multiple claims for a stay consisting of two or more consecutive nights at the Ixora Hotel will be treated as one claim for one stay and the Price Match Guarantee will be applied to that one stay.

Contract & Opaque Providers

The Price Match Guarantee does not apply to any rates from contract or opaque providers including, but not limited to, any distribution channels. Contract agreement rate is solely between the two parties stated on agreement and non-transferrable, as well as not defined as publicly rate. An opaque provider is any entity or service that prevents the buyer from obtaining information relating to available hotel rooms until after the buyer has guaranteed payment ("Opaque Provider"). A site is opaque if it does not divulge any of the following points; (a) the name of the property on which the available hotel room is located, (b) the precise location of the property on which the available hotel room is located, (c) the identity, brand or flag affiliation of the hotel that will provide such available room, and (d) other specific information.
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