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29th August 2019
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National Day Children’s Art Competition

Art can help children to illustrate their life inspire their creativity during their young age. Hence getting their first masterpiece to be shown with the world are something that to be proud about for both the children and parent.

Happened on the 31st August 2019 in conjunction with Merdeka day in the Baba Nyonya Hall Ixora Hotel Penang, children are gathered in this special event to express themselves better in the sense of art.

We can see all the kids that compete are putting great effort into their artwork. While the parents are anxiously looking and supporting their children, the children try their best to imagine and create their masterpiece.


Great effort with Great payoff

Category A: (Age between 4- 6 years old, A3 size) 

Showcasing their drawings of the best experience they feel in Malaysia. The theme I LOVE MALAYSIA has been set for them to show how much they love from the day they are born in Malaysia.

Category B: (Age between 7 – 9 years old, A3 size) 

Theme: Colorful Malaysia 
Showcasing their creativity using a variety of color to illustrate a colorful painting of Malaysia. Their drawings are judged based on the best matching color of their overall paintings. 

Category C: (Age between 10 -12 years old, A3 size)

Theme: Negaraku Malaysia 
Showcasing inspiring drawings and paintings that best represents Malaysia. Their paintings are judged based on color matching, creativity, and overall view that best capture Malaysia.


This is indeed an awesome and fun opportunity for them to showcase their creativity in the arts. Thank you for all your participation so that we can feel proud again on this National day. For those who did not manage to get the prize, don’t be sad as your drawings had touched your parent’s hearts.

Here at Ixora Hotel Penang, we want to create a long-lasting moment with you and your kids so that they could remember a special day like this. Located at the heart of butterworth, Ixora hotel’s location is ideal for holiday or business purposes


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