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The Strategic Location- Ixora Hotel Penang

The Strategic Location – Ixora Hotel Penang

Wondering any place to go when you enjoying your stay in Ixora Hotel Penang?

Shopping Malls and Entertainment

Ixora Hotel Penang has provided you seamless access to the most famous nearby shopping malls in Penang like Megamall Penang. Megamall Penang is just 1-minute walk away from our hotel. Megamall Penang, as known as Pacific by the locals and it is a typical shopping mall which hosts a lot of retail shops. They have food courts that serve varieties of local dishes that surely some of them could have your heart.

Furthermore, Penang biggest bowling center and the second largest in Malaysia is just next door to Ixora Hotel Penang. The 50-lanes international standard Ten Pin Bowling Center. They are also fitted with 16 full size International Standard Snookers tables and Karaoke Box Club. You will surely have fun out there! Other than bowling, Megamall Penang is also fitted with Mega Cineplex located at Level 4. You could spend some time enjoying a movie there!


Besides Megamall Pinang, we have also Sunway Carnival Mall, which is the second largest complex in Mainland, Penang. It is just 10 minutes’ drive away from our hotel. It is fun and great to shop at Sunway Carnival Mall and you will definitely be spoilt for choice with the wide range of outlets they are having in their shopping mall. Feeling like want to have a movie date while shopping? Sunway Carnival Mall is also fitted with Golden Screen Cinema (GSC).

Places to hang around with

Nevertheless, besides the two shopping malls, Ixora Hotel Penang is also nearby to Butterworth Business City Center with only 10 minutes’ drive from our hotel. Butterworth Business City Center is occupied with lots of restaurants and cafes varieties from Steamboat, Korean BBQ, Japanese Restaurants, Western Food, Bubble Tea shops to Bars with live band music.

Also, Ixora Hotel Penang is also nearby to Juru Autocity, Icon City and Juru Sentral with only 15 minutes’ drive from our hotel. Bars, restaurants, cafes and bubble tea shop are all located there too. You will have a good time hanging out there!

Easy Access to Anywhere

Ixora Hotel Penang is just 5 minutes away from Penang Bridge. Our hotel connects you to the heart of Georgetown and Penang International Airport with a 25 minutes’ drive. Our hotel is also accessible to Penang Sentral Station and Ferry Terminal with only a 6 minutes’ drive. Also, Ixora Hotel Penang is fast and easy access to main Highway to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Kulim, Kedah and Perlis!

In short, Ixora Hotel Penang is a goods stop off on the way to the North or to the South. With the secure overnight parking in our hotel, refresh and continue your journey after a satisfying breakfast in our The Straits Café and Lounge!

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