Kid's Birthday Celebration Penang Butterworth Ixora Hotel Prai
Kid’s Birthday Celebration
10th February 2017
Ixora Hotel: Where Needs are Fulfilled
5th May 2017

Ixora Hotel: The Pearl of Prai

Penang Butterworth Ixora Hotel Prai

5 years ago, Ixora Hotel was built on these principles; providing good service to guests and ensure a comfortable stay for them. Pressing on to that goal, we steadily make improvements wherever necessary so that you, our beloved guests, can have the best hotel experience in Butterworth, Penang. Here are three reasons why Ixora Hotel is the best for you.

  1. Strategic location

Ixora Hotel is well-placed in Butterworth, Penang. Being nearest to the Penang bridge, we provide convenience for guests to commute to the island in a short time. It only takes 5 minutes to get to the Penang bridge and another 20 minutes to the Penang International Airport or town area for entertainment. We are also near to various industrial parks like the Prai Industrial Estate and Seberang Jaya Industrial Park so you can save invaluable time accessing these areas. Furthermore, it only takes an 8-minute drive to the famous Penang Bird Park or nearby malls like Megamal Penang and Sunway Carnival Mall for some leisure.

  1. Good facilities

Since we pride ourselves in giving you the best, we regularly check and upgrade our facilities to be the best hotel in Butterworth. We know meetings can be long and tiresome, that is why we strive to ensure the meeting rooms are always comfortable and conducive for discussion. Equipped with high-quality accessories and equipment, we are ready to turn your meeting experience into an enjoyable one. Furthermore, we offer one of the best wedding venues in Butterworth. Emphasizing a modern, sleek look with a large capacity, the ballroom can comfortably host a wedding dinner or other events with a thousand guests.  There are opportunities for leisure activities too such as a fitness centre and swimming pool that gives a wonderful view of Butterworth, ensuring a wonderful time throughout your stay.

  1. Pursuit of excellence

We are never content at staying at the same level and always push ourselves to be better at serving guests in Penang. We take each feedback seriously as they highlight areas we can improve and grow in. We join culinary competitions to test our skills and learn from one another to establish ourselves as the hotel destination for high-quality food. We also give back to society by collaborating with various organizations to raise awareness for important matters like Earth Hour, blood donation, waste segregation, and initiative to implement Zero Waste Program. While our guests’ satisfaction is important, we also believe in using our influence to benefit the community in Butterworth to better standard of living.

Here at Ixora Hotel, we are excited to provide excellent service to you. We believe we can meet your expectations for a good hotel experience so do check us out in Butterworth. We are always happy to check you in.


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