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Fitness and Health with Ixora Hotel Penang

To the human body, health is really important. We fall sick really often if we do not take care of our body. Here at Ixora Hotel Penang, it is all about healthy living and lifestyle that we want our guests to have when they stay with us. We have a few facilities in our establishment that makes sure that your body is healthy and strong while you stay with us.

1.) Garden and reflexology trail

Here at Ixora Hotel Penang, we provide a spot for our guests for relaxation and fresh air at the garden and reflexology trial. Nothing feels better than a good read in the garden and a walk on the reflexology trail! The reflexology trail provides multiple benefits to the body and organs as the pebbles massage the various pressure points under your feet. The reflexology trail can be used to bring fitness to the body, by increasing flexibility and response capability, help in the treatment of osteoporosis, relieving back pain and enhance cardiovascular function.

2.) Swimming pool

Ixora Hotel Penang would not be complete without a swimming pool. Right next to the garden is the swimming pool, our swimming pool boasts an infinity pool architecture, leading out to a wonderful scenery of the townscape. Swimming at any time of the day can provide you with various health benefits like building endurances of the overall body as well as building your cardiovascular strength. Swimming also tones the muscles and gives strength to the swimmer. For easier access to the the swimming pool, check out our pool access rooms! (link to pool access rooms on their website)

3.) The gym

Just beside the swimming pool is the gym. Here in this gym is the place where our guests can maintain their body mass and fitness levels. We have a range of machines and tools for our gym junky guests to pump iron and run their miles on the treadmill. Never skip a day of workout when you are here with us at Ixora Hotel Penang! Don’t forget that we have fresh apples everyday and water provided at the gym for you to have a quick energy boost!

4.) Massage chairs

After a long day of walking and exploring what Penang has to offer, nothing is more relaxing than a session in the massage chair. Our massage chairs are located on the 1st floor outside the function halls and are open to usage for our guests at anytime of the day. Massage chairs may help realign your spine and relieve the pressure on the nerves, it relaxes your muscles and helps you maintain a good posture as well. Feel the stress roll off your back and shoulders with the massage chairs at Ixora Hotel Penang.

Ixora Hotel Penang is your best choice of lodging in Seberang Perai, from hospitality to healthy living, we want the best for all of our guests that stay with us here at Ixora Hotel Penang.


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