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29th December 2017
23rd January 2018

Fit For a King


Here at Ixora Hotel, Penang, we prioritise the comfort of our guests. One room in particular, is a cut above the rest. Welcome to the Executive King room!

The Executive King room is a room of excellence, here’s a list of why this room is of the definition of what class is, it also defines us as the best hotel in Penang.

1.) Size

The size of our Executive King room is at 53 square meters. The regular Deluxe Room packs 36 square meters only, and even on that scale it has boasted the ample space that the room provides. Allowing the fitting in of a Super King Size bed and a baby crib with enough space to move around. now compare that to 53 square meters, the Executive King room is here solely for your comfort.

2.) Class

The design in this Executive Room is not just with comfort in mind. This design is luxurious, fit for the high flying individual. The added mirrors on the side of the bed is adds spaciousness to the interior. Towards the side of the room beside the window, 2 leather seats are there to add to the exclusiveness to the room, perfect for any type of occasion from lounging or business, should you need to have a guest over for business.

3.) Convenience in mind

For the high flying customers, we have also got your items in check. A coat rack is included to hang up your expensive outer wear, a sturdy tool to ensure that your clothing is in tip top condition, wrinkle free. Bathroom amenities, by Hydro Basic are located in the bathroom complimentary for guests Executive category rooms and above. In addition to that, the wardrobe in the Executive King has ample space for a week’s worth of clothing. Enjoy entertainment in your Executive King room with our 40-inch TV with Astro channels ready for your viewing.

4.) Library Lounge Access
Booking your stay at the Executive King room also opens up your options of facility usage  in the hotel. This opens up unlimited access to the Library Lounge, where we provide you a serene environment to nourish the soul and mind with books and servings of continental breakfast, snacks and beverages. Click here to know more of our new Library Lounge!

The Executive King Room is the definition of class, excellence and status. All made perfectly for you when you’re here with us at the best hotel in Penang, Ixora Hotel.

Here at Ixora Hotel, we aim to be the best hotel in Penang, and we start by not only providing the best quality service to our customers but also by giving back to the community around us.

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