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30th April 2019
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Enjoy Premium Coffee at Ixora Hotel Penang

Apart from maintaining the standard of our food, beverage and service offering, we also take pride in the standard of our coffee to ensure our hotel guests gets absolute pleasure and enjoyment that is suitable for all occasions and tastes. Therefore, we bring in the world’s finest Italian coffee – illy Coffee & Arissto Italian Coffee to satisfy the most discerning palates, sourced from the authentic Italian coffee growing territories around the world and used with machines that deliver exceptional coffee, cup after cup.

illy Caffé

At the Straits Café & Lounge, you will find respite in the delicious authentic Italian coffee drinks made using illy’s coffee bean. It is the ideal spot to enjoy and experience illy quality Italian espresso and blended coffees while networking or taking a break in between meetings at our hotel.

For your information, illy is a unique blend of quality espresso coffee enjoyed by consumers who appreciate a meaningful experience of beauty, pleasure, consistency and fulfilment. A single perfect blend of coffee, handpicked from nine different growing regions around the world.

Open daily from 6.30am to 11.00pm, come over to the Straits Café & Lounge and enjoy fresh brew coffee today!

Arissto Italian Coffee

Guests who stay at our Executive Room and Magnificent Suite can enjoy the brand new Arissto Italian Coffee for an exceptional premium coffee experience right in the comfort of their own room. Each Arissto’s coffee capsule is expertly crafted by Italian coffee masters which allows you to make a cup of fragrant Italian Espresso, or a cup silky foamy Latte and Cappuccino with just a push on the button and within a minute.

For your information, Arissto uses coffee beans that are of the highest quality of Arabica from the high mountains of Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Togo, Kenya, Ethiopia and more countries that presents a revolutionary invention of coffee capsules as the original taste of premium coffee powder is preserved in specially designed capsules.

Experience the exceptional coffee experience by booking with us today. For more information or bookings, please call us at +60 4 382 8888 or click the button below.

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