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29th March 2017
Ixora Hotel: Where Needs are Fulfilled
5th May 2017

The Handy Smartphone for You!

First hotel in Malaysia to implement Handy Smartphone

First hotel in Malaysia to implement Handy Smartphone

Handy Smartphone is the best hospitality solution for hotel guests and Ixora Hotel is the first hotel in Malaysia to provide that service for all guests. Recognizing your needs to be connected to the world all the time, this smartphone will redefine amazing service. Here are four features about the Handy Smartphone that will entice you to make a trip to Butterworth and stay with us.

  1. Free local and International Calls

Yes, you read it right- Handy Smartphone allows guests to make local calls to make unlimited calls to anyone in Malaysia at any time! Whether in Butterworth or other places in Malaysia, guests can make calls and talk to whoever they wish to for free. Furthermore, to help businessmen in their work, international calls made to China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea are available free too! We want to give you the freedom to contact anyone without experiencing any burden of rising phone bills.


  1. Unlimited 3G/4G LTE data connection with WiFi Hotspot & Tethering

You can now connect to the Internet all the time as the smartphone comes with a data package that will cover this need. With unlimited data connection, you can save up on your own data package and surf the Net to your heart’s content! This free data package can also be shared with friends and family. In other words, we got you covered.


A city guide for guests.

  1. LUXOS City Guide

LUXOS is a company that prides itself in providing comprehensive information on specific locations. With this city guide, you will have all relevant information stored in Handy as you easily make your way to the best tomyam laksa in Butterworth, the Penang Bird Park, or the famous mural art in Armenian Street. With Handy, it will be impossible to miss out on the best Penang can offer.

  1. Stay connected to Ixora

We make it possible for you to leave Ixora Hotel without leaving it. Even as you leave the hotel either for a business meeting or sight-seeing, you are still updated about Ixora’s various services via Handy. Interactions with hotel content are easy now- you can make dinner reservations in The Straits Café & Lounge, set up an appointment in the hair salon, or contact the hotel for any enquiries. Put simply, Ixora Hotel now fits in your pocket.

As a guest in Ixora Hotel, you are entitled to a Handy as soon as you check-in and there will be no extra charge for that.  We are excited to include Handy as part of our service because we believe very strongly that this device will increase your satisfaction, and that is our maximum satisfaction.

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