Cake of The Month – Coffee Caramel Cake
1st August 2017
August Weekday Thai Buffet Lunch
1st August 2017

Cocktail of The Month – Starry Spark and Ultramarine

Take a lemony hit as The Straits Cafe and Lounge at Ixora Hotel present to you the cocktail and mocktail of August 2017! Take the load off as you sip on the Starry Spark and Ultramarine. Taste the slight tinge of lychee mixed with the sour splash of lemon in the Starry Spark and peppered with chia seeds and peach tea flower. If you prefer your drink strong, the Ultramarine will be the drink for you. Experience the kick of the tequila, the melony taste of Midori and a citrus smack of blue curacao! So sit back and take the load off a hard week of working at have a drink at The Straits Cafe and Lounge at Ixora Hotel!

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